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Providers of White Label & Specialist LED Lighting Solutions

LEDTECK are experts in the design and manufacture of LED lighting. We offer clients high specification, cost-effective products and solutions without compromising on reliability, quality and energy efficiency.

We have an extensive range of unique LED products that can be white-label branded for retailers and wholesalers and our product portfolio includes both retrofit lamps and dedicated LED fittings and luminaires.

We also work directly with organisations in a variety of markets to deliver bespoke solutions that offer optimum lighting for specific applications and environments. Our products can be found in a multitude of applications from train carriages to supermarket refrigerators and are designed and produced to meet customer’s specifications and requirements.

LEF Light Manufacturer in the UK

LED solutions and products developed to the highest quality

Specialist Applications

Working to design efficient and effective lighting for specialist environments.

White-Labelled LED Products

We manufacture reliable LED products for white-label branding in the UK and Europe.

We've been working successfully with our global manufacturing partners since 2008

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If you would like to know more about our specialised LED lighting products or have a bespoke lighting requirement, please get in touch.