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LEDTECK - LED Canopy Eco​​

Ledteck LED Canopy Eco

The LEDTECK LED Canopy Eco is designed to offer supermarkets and retailers a great way to upgrade lighting for the most affordable initial cost. The products do not require an external driver and can be powered directly from mains 230VAC. LED Canopy Eco can be used to illuminate multi deck refrigerators and chillers without the need for additional undershelf lighting.

The LED Canopy Eco provides super high brightness of 120lm/Watt without compromising light quality. The product is available in a choice of colours, 3000K, 4000K and Meat Colour to give universal usage throughout a supermarket.

The product uses diffused light to prevent hot spots, glare and reflections. The LED Canopy Eco fitting is installed back to back, with one fitting connecting to the next. This creates a perfect line of light within the refrigerator cabinet giving excellent light uniformity. The fitting and connectors are IP65 rated and provide the optimal design for use in refrigeration environments.

The LED Canopy Eco is available in 870mm and 930mm and 1200mm lengths to match most standard size multi deck refrigerator cabinets. Custom length fittings are available upon request.

We can develop bespoke refrigeration and freezer lighting solutions. Please contact us with your requirements.

ProductLengthPowerLumenCCTCRIPart Number
LED Canopy Eco 870mm870mm11 Watt1,320lm3000K80RaL11CE830
LED Canopy Eco 930mm930mm12 Watt1,440lm3000K80RaL12CE830
LED Canopy Eco 1200mm1200mm18 Watt2,160lm3000K80RaL18CE830
LED Canopy Eco 870mm870mm11 Watt1,320lm4000K80RaL11CE840
LED Canopy Eco 930mm930mm12 Watt1,440lm4000K80RaL12CE840
LED Canopy Eco 1200mm1200mm18 Watt2,160lm4000K80RaL18CE840
LED Canopy Eco 870mm870mm11 Watt1,106lmMeat Colour80RaL11CEMC
LED Canopy Eco 930mm930mm12 Watt1,206lmMeat Colour80RaL12CEMC
LED Canopy Eco 1200mm1200mm18 Watt1809lmMeat Colour80RaL18CEMC

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