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LEDTECK - LED Freezer Pro​​

Ledteck LED Freezer Pro

The LEDTECK LED Freezer Pro is a specialist designed lighting solution for both vertical and well supermarket freezers. The product provides excellent illumination of mechanise in freezer cabinets and integrates into existing doors fames and wells.

The LED freezer Pro provides outstanding light using specially designed LED to offer 115lm/Watt with CRI of 95Ra and R9 >92. For vertical freezers the LED Freezer Pro fittings can be assembled into either center or side shade profiles to minimise side glare.

Our product uses diffused optics to provide excellent uniformity of light with illumination throughout the whole cabinet and without hot spots or glare. The products are supplied in a choice of 4000K and 5700K allowing easy integration into existing lighting schemes.

For replacement of existing lighting, the LED Freezer Pro can be supplied as a complete retrofit kit. Each kit contains everything that is needed to retrofit a particular type of freezer cabinet. This unique system dramatically reduces lighting survey time, time taken for install and makes installation much easier.

The LED Freezer PRO is available in 750mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm lengths to match most standard full glass door and half glass door and well cabinet types. Custom length fittings are available upon request.

LEDTECK offers a complete lighting system solution with LED fittings, drivers, power connectors, splitter cables, shade profiles and mountings. Our solution is truly plug and play making it simple to install and maintain.

We can develop bespoke refrigeration and freezer lighting solutions. Please contact us with your requirements.

ProductLengthPowerLumenCCTCRIPart Number
LED Freezer Pro HD 750mm750mm6 Watt690lm4000K95RaL6FP9540
LED Freezer Pro HD 1200mm1200mm15 Watt1,725lm4000K95RaL15FP9540
LED Freezer Pro HD 1500mm1500mm12 Watt1,380lm4000K95RaL12FP9540
LED Freezer Pro HD 1800mm1800mm30 Watt3,450lm4000K95RaL30FP9540
LED Freezer Pro HD 750mm750mm6 Watt690lm5700K95RaL6FP9557
LED Freezer Pro HD 1200mm1200mm15 Watt1,725lm5700K95RaL15FP9557
LED Freezer Pro HD 1500mm1500mm12 Watt1,380lm5700K95RaL12FP9557
LED Freezer Pro HD 1800mm1800mm30 Watt3,450lm5700K95RaL30FP9557

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