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LED Lighting For Supermarkets​​​

Superior Illumination

specialist LED lighting

We work with leading supermarkets in the UK, offering superior LED lighting for fridge and freezer units.

Our LED lighting products have been specially designed for refrigerator and freezer use and offer outstanding product illumination to encourage consumer sales. All the lighting products have been rigorously tested and run through comparison tests with leading brands; the outcome of which saw one of the leading supermarkets in the UK now specify our LED fridge and freezer lighting for their stores.

Colour rendering of 95Ra and R9 92 ensures ultimate true colour representation of your merchandise.

Refrigerated Display Lighting​​

Our refrigerated display lighting products offer supermarkets the benefit of an improved shopping experience for customers and the cost-savings associated with top energy efficiency.

Complete Refrigeration Solutions

Canopy, chiller door and undershelf lighting solutions for multi deck refrigerators. Our extensive product range includes light fittings, drivers, cables, mounting brackets and accessories.

Complete Freezer Solutions

Lighting solutions for full and half glass door freezers and wells. Our extensive product range includes light fittings, drivers, cables, mounting brackets and accessories.

Bespoke Lighting Solutions

For specialist supermarket fridge or freeze lighting requirements, we work with our customers to design bespoke lighting products and solutions to meet their needs.

Retrofit and Dedicated Solutions

Our supermarket lighting product range includes both specially designed retrofit T8 and T5 tubes to replace existing lighting and dedicated LED fittings to provide optimum illumination.

Cost-Effective Supermarket Lighting

All of our LED lighting products for the supermarket fridge and freezer environment are based on the latest, market-leading LED lighting technology. We offer the highest lumen efficacy packages available to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing light levels.


Our LED lighting products are used by some of the UK’s largest supermarkets and have been utilised to complete both retrofit and new installation projects. We pride ourselves on offering effective, high-reliability LED lighting solutions to reduce maintenance costs and ensure project success.

UK-Based Support

We provide technical and project support from the UK and our team is available to assist with all aspects of product, delivery and account support.

Enquiry Form

If you would like to know more about our specialised LED lighting products or have a bespoke lighting requirement, please get in touch.